Join us!

YAYYY! The doors are... OPEN!

We are now open for a new year with a new festival coming up.
Registrations are open and we welcome everybody and all who are up for another Roskilde Festival of making TheRanch food for hungry festival-guests (you just have to be 16 years or older).
So sign up here by the two forms, and we will get back to you via email.


We can't wait to see you 🙂

First time in the Ranch? - do this to signup:

NOTE: If you worked on the festival last year, and have thus already registered on "people" - then login here and change you "team" to "The Ranch".

Worked in our booth before? - do this instead to signup:

  1. Use the personal link in the email you received from nemvagt, to signup
    (mail us at if you can't find it).

  2. Then login on Roskildes "People" and check if you account is still active
    and if you are on the team "The Ranch".
    If yes, then everything is cool.