Questions and answers

Age limit for signing up

You have to be 16 and older to sign up.

What to do

Join The Ranchers meeting

You have to work the shifts that are given to you

You will choose your own shifts on the scheduling webpage (NemVagt), you'll be notified by email when this is possible

If you want to change your shift, you'll have to find someone to switch with you. You can try organizing this at our Facebook site. The change has to be approved by a worker responsible, this means both parts have to show up personally in office hours to do the change


The Ranch offer food for those who have shifts (See: Food). We always offer cheap beer (See: Beer). Charge your phone easily. And we also offer Working-camp (See: Working-camp).


Wristbands must be picked up at Roskilde Check-In located at Roskilde Handelsskole. More information on People https://people-m.roskilde-festival.dk


The Ranch sells fridge-cooled Tuborg can beer for 9,- kr, and discounts when buying multiple. Use The Ranch as a meeting place for getting a cold beer, before going to a concert!


When you have a shift, there will be several breaks under the 8 hours. Here you can enjoy some free food from The Ranch, and save some money. If you are "not-in-shift", there may also be food for you. This depends if some food in the production has "run cold".

Ill under Roskilde Festival

If you are ill under the festival, and have to leave, you have to call the "Worker responsible". It is very important that you (or your friend) hand back your wristband to the "Worker responsibles" or the BossBoss at "The Ranch".

By doing this we can replace your wristband to another person on our "waiting list". We understand (and have tried many times before) that our workers get ill or have to leave due to personal reasons. But you have to make sure your wristband gets back to us.



If you for some reason are not able to make it, please notify us by email arbejdpaaroskilde@gmail.com as soon as possible.


The working-camp is an area reserved for workers under Roskilde Festival. You have to pay 225,- kr. to get access. You get free hot showers, less noise so you can sleep, more camping space, and theft is normally not observed in the working camp area.

Other questions?

Send an email to: arbejdpaaroskilde@gmail.com  

Or try to write your question in the Facebook group.