Looking for a free ticket to Roskilde Festival?

And having fun with working with a team of 200 Ranchers @ The Ranch?


Get a better experience @ Roskilde Festival

We offer free food to staff, clean staff toilet, cheap cold beer, mobile charging, games and new friends.

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Workers camp

Looking for more relaxing conditions, free hot showers and night sleep?

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The Ranch

The Ranch is a foodplace which serves fastfood under Roskilde Fesitival, and has existed since 2003.

It is owned by Andreas, Mads and Hans and were created for the purpose of having a working place for friends, family and meeting new exciting people. The main income from The Ranch is distributed to Roskilde Festival which supports initiatives benefitting children and young people and supports humanitarian and cultural work.

What is a voluntary worker ?

The ticket price for Roskilde Festival is about 1800,- kr which is 240 euro.
When you sign up for being a voluntary worker, you get the ticket for free, but have to work under the Festival.

At The Ranch you will have:

  • 2 shifts of each 8 hours under the camping days,
  • 2 shifts of each 8 hours under the music days.
  • In total 32 working hours.

These shifts are placed, Saturday 27/6 - Saturday 4/7.

Is it fun ?

Yes, for damn sure. Our voluntary team is normally around 200 persons and in the age range between 17-25.
The spirit and mood is high, and you will meet a lot of sweet people under the shifts.
The manager team is normally around 12-15 persons, and in the age range between 25-35.
We consist of friends around Andreas, Mads and Hans and have been growing in numbers during the years.